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Psalm 23 : 4

Psalm 23:4 Your Shepherd is Present with you in the Darkest Valleys  


  1. True Christians can go through Deep Dark Valleys 

  1. How does John Bunyan describe Christian’s journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death?

  1. How is the Christian life like that of sheep who are led through dark valleys to high pasture? 

  1. What is the usual translation for the word translated “shadow of death” in verse 4? 

  1. Does the Bible that if you go through hard times something is wrong with your faith? 


  1. What dark valleys does the Lord say Christians can go through?  I Peter 5:8 

  1. What dark valleys did the author of Psalm 23, David go through? How did he respond? 

I Samuel 20:3; II Samuel 1:25-27; Psalm 13 

  1. What dark valleys did Job go through?

    1. Job 1-2; 16:12-17

  1. When Job wondered why he was in deep darkness, how did God answer him? Job 38-41

  1. How can the things you see help you trust the Lord for the things you can’t see?  

Isaiah 55:6-9; Psalm 103:11-12

  1. Where can you take you doubts and questions in the dark valleys of life? 

  1. When you walk through the Valley, you are not alone. Your Shepherd Himself is With You

  1. In what ways did Jesus go through the dark valley before you? 

  1. What difference does it make for Jesus’ sheep that Jesus has come through death’s valley alive? 

      Job 19:25-26; John 10:27-30; Romans 8:11

  1. What was the testimony of the father to his son? 

  1. How are the Shepherd’s rod and staff a comfort to his sheep?  Verse 4 

  1. How does a shepherd use his staff to rescue his sheep? How is the Lord like a shepherd this way? 

  1. How does a shepherd use his rod to defend his sheep? How is the Lord like this? Psalm 40:1-3

  1. How is the Lord like a shepherd who sometimes uses his rod to correct his sheep? II Samuel 7:14

  1. How is verse 4 your response as the Lord’s sheep to His presence and protection?