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The Spirit-filled Body of Christ: Model and Beacon for Unity in Fractured America

I Corinthians 12: 12-13 (1-3, 11-13, 20-25, 28, 31-13:6; 14:1)
The Spirit-filled Body of Christ: Model and Beacon for Unity in Fractured America
I. The Supernatural Power of the Spirit Unites Many Different people to One Divine Christ
A. What were some of the many different types of people and viewpoints in the church in Corinth?
B. How can this diverse group be unified? 12:13
1. When you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, or born of the Spirit, who does the Spirit connect
you to?
2. What will you confess when the Holy Spirit changes you?
ï‚· With whom else are you brought into connection when you are baptized with the Spirit?
See 12:13 (What difference does this make for your relationship to Christ’s church?)

II. The Spirit Brings You into a Supernatural Unity with One Another In Christ
A. What is the result of the Holy Spirit placing you in Christ as your representative? 12:13
1. How does the saying, “You can choose your friends but not your family”, apply to the church
family? John 3:8
2. Who is in charge of making you as a believer, different from others who are Christ’s? 12:11, 28
B. What is the make-up of the one body of Christ? 12:12
1. Why is variety important for unity in the body? 12:20-22 What does a football team illustrate?
2. What are the different kinds of variety in the body of Christ? 12:11,13, 28
ï‚· How does this variety in one body bring honor to Jesus Christ?
III. Those without the Holy Spirit Undermine True Unity, and Increase Division
A. What is behind the cursing of Jesus’ name? 12:3; I John 14:4
B. What is taught in Acts 17:26 and Genesis 1 and 2 that “Black Lives Matter” rejects?
1. What does the Black Lives Matter movement replace the Biblical unity of the human race with?
2. How does the BLM movement follow the tactics of communism and reject I Corinthians 13:4-7?
3. How has the idol of power led the BLM movement astray? 12:2
IV. What is the Power that Brings Life instead of Destroying? 13:4-7
A. Where do you find power to lift up one person without putting another person down? 12:25, 31; 13:5
B. How did Jesus show the power of love? As one who shares the life of Christ, how can you be like
Him? 13:4-7 How was this true in the life of Henry Bomberger? What does the Spirit want of you?