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God Calls Us to Personal and National Prayer and Repentance

II Chronicles 33:1-20     God Calls Us to Personal and National Prayer and Repentance 

  1. There is a Need to Turn from our sin to the Lord in Every Generation 

  1. Who did Manasseh follow instead of God’s Word like his father? Verses 2-4

  1. When you turn away from the Lord how does this affect your value of human life? verse 6 see 

II Kings 21:11-12,16 

  1. Why is the murdering of innocent babies so horrible?  Genesis 9:6; Psalm 139:13-15; 51:5; 

Jeremiah 32:35

  1. Who suffers in America when Jesus Christ our Creator is rejected?  

  1. What is happening to babies in America that parallels what Manasseh did?                                                      

  1. How does this go against science? 

  1. What are contemporary examples of the “taking of innocent life”? 

  1. What should leaders do differently than Manasseh? Verse 9 (see Romans 13:1-8) 

  1. There are Consequence When Leaders Don’t lead in Righteousness

  1. How does the Lord bring a nation down with the consequences of sin? Verses 10-11 with 7:13 

  1. What should you do, even if you think it is too late for you receive mercy? Verse 12 

  1. There is the Result When You Repent 

  1. What is the result in Verse 13 when Manasseh repents? 

  1. Who is a God like this? 

  1. God had mercy on Manasseh, but what consequences were there still? Verse 9; II Kings 24:3-4

  1. What results or fruits of repentance were evident in Manasseh’s life and should be in ours?

  1. Verses 15-16 ___________________________________________________________

  1. What does Manasseh do instead of taking life? verse 14, 

  1. Who is responsible to worship the Lord and protect life besides the leaders? Verse 16 

  1. How does the Bible describe our right to defend ourselves? Exodus 22:2-3

  1. In the Bible, who is it that takes away arms and the ability to defend yourself? 

II Samuel 13:19-23; II Kings 24:14

  1. What are concrete ways you can protect life this week? 

  1. What should we and our nation do in this time of trouble, and what does God promise? 7:14