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Be Devoted to the Fellowship of Bread and Prayer Which God Designed for Your Growth

Acts 2:33, 38-47

Be Devoted to the Fellowship of Bread and Prayer Which God Designed for Your Growth
Introduction: How do you know that God will preserve His own children? Verses 38, 47 with John 6:39
What does God enable you to persevere in so you’ll grow? verse 42
I. Persevere in the Fellowship of Breaking Bread Together verse 42
A. When they turned from their wicked generation, what fellowship did they seek? Verse 42
1. How does ‘breaking bread together” refer to the Lord’ Supper? I Corinthians 11:23-24; Acts 20:7
2. How does the Lord’s Supper help you to grow as a Christian? See I Corinthians 11:23-26
B. What fellowship in “breaking of bread” is being referred to besides the Lord’s Supper? Verse 46
1. How did Jesus’ method of ministry show that sharing food together matters? Luke 5:29-35;
7:34-50; 19:5-10; 14:12-24
2. How can we follow the example of the New Testament church? Verse 46-47
II. Persevere in The Fellowship of Prayers Together
A. proskarterountes: continued to stick to it with strength; be continually devoted to, persevere
1. Where else do Luke and the New Testament especially encourage us to persevere in prayer?
Acts 1:14; Colossians 4:2
2. What did Paul encourage us to do after God changed him? Ephesians 6:18-20
B. How specifically can we pray with and for one another? Verse 46
1. What opportunities could you take advantage of for prayer in fellowship?
2. What is the danger of prayer without fellowship?
3. What can be the problems associated with fellowship without prayer?
C. What are the blessings of prayer in fellowship?
1. How do we honor God together by our dependence on Him in prayer?
2. How do we honor God together in our prayers of praise? Verses 38, 43, 47; Romans 11:33