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Revelation 1:9-11; Luke 13:10-17

Revelation 1:9-11; Luke 13:10-17                     Sandlick July 19, 2020 

                        The Lord’s Day is God’s Gift to You


Through whom does the Lord send His Word of encouragement to you?  Rev. 1:9

  1. The Lord’s Day is Given as a Gift to Release the Burdens of Your Trials

  1. How does John describe the particular day the risen Jesus met him?

  1. Verse 10 

  1. How would you answer someone who says “All the days of the week are the same now”? 

  1. Where does the Bible teach that there has always been a special day set apart for the Lord? 

  1. Exodus 20:10; Leviticus 23:3

  1. Whom does Jesus say is the Lord this day has been set apart for?  Mark 2:27-28

  1. What does the parallel between the Lord’s Day and the Lord’s Supper tell us about the purpose of the Lord’s Day?  Revelation 1:10 with I Corinthians 11:20 

  1. Which Day of the Week is the Lord’s Day? 

  1. What day of the week is John referring to in Revelation 1:10? 

  1. How does the rest of the New Testament establish the first day of the week as the day Jesus assembles with His people and is set apart for Him as Lord? 

  1. John 20:1,19, 26

  1. Revelation 1:10, 12-13, 18-20

  1. I Corinthians 16:1-2

  1. Acts 20:6-7

  1. How Should we Honor the Fourth Commandment and the Lord’s Day so it Benefits Us? 

  1. How can we follow John’s example?  Revelation 1:10 

  1. What is Jesus’ example for our activity on the Lord’s Day in Luke 13:10-17? 

  1. Who was Jesus gathering with each Lord’s Day in the synagogue? Luke 13:10; 4:15-16

  1. What activity was Jesus engaged in at the place of worship?  Luke 13:10; 4:17-21 

  1. How does Jesus show compassion and relieve burdens? Luke 13:12-16 

  2. What praise does Jesus accept from us on the Lord’s Day?  Luke 13:13,17

  1. How can we follow the example that Jesus sets for our honoring the Lord’s Day? 

  1. What are we to do as individuals and families? 

  1. What burdens can we praise for delivering us from?  Luke 13:12; Deuteronomy 5:15

  1. What rest does Jesus promise to those who trust Him? 


For devotions today review this outline; for the rest of the week, see pages 5 and 6 in your bulletin.