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John 21:9-17 & Matthew 26:31-35

5/19/2019 Pastor David Cummings  The Great Physician Restores You to Usefulness 

John 20:19-31

5/5/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Jesus Comes to Meet You with His Peace Every Lord’s Day 

Psalm 73

4/28/2019 Elder Charles Scherer  Psalm 73 

John 20:19-31

4/21/2019 Pastor David Cummings  The Risen Jesus Comes to Us in Our Doubts 

John 19:28-42

4/14/2019 PASTOR DAVID CUMMINGS  Christ's Word of Victory from the Cross (NO RECORDING FOR THE 1st MINUTE; NO RECORDING FROM MINUTE 8- MINUTE 9:54) 

Leviticus 13:1-6, 45-46; Luke 17:11-19

4/7/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Worship with Thanksgiving 

John 19:23-29

4/7/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Christ's Thirst and Yours 

I Timothy 3:8-16 (Acts 6:1-7)

3/31/2019 Pastor David Cummings  How to Be the Godly Church Christ is Building 

John 19:17-27

3/24/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Christ's Words of Affection from the Cross 

John 19:1-16

3/17/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Behold Your King! 

John 18:28-19:1

3/10/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Hear the Voice of Jesus, King of Truth (NO RECORDING FOR 30 SECONDS PRIOR TO SERMON) 

John 18:15-28; Luke 22:31-34

3/3/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Jesus Transforms His Loved Failures (NO RECORDING FOR 1 MINUTE PRIOR TO SERMON) 

John 17:18(17:15-20; 18:1-12; 20:21)

2/24/2019 Pastor David Cummings  You are Sent as Jesus Was 

Romans 6:11-14

2/17/2019 Pastor Roland Mathews  Consider Yourselves Dead to Sin 

John 17:21-23; Luke 22:24-27

2/10/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Our Relation to the World part 6: Christ's Church: Christ's Prayer That We Be One as the Father and Son 

John 17:8-20

2/3/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Our Relation to the World, Part 5: Christ's Church: Set Apart from the World by the Truth 

John 17:1-16

1/27/2019 Pastor David Cummings  Our Relation to the World Part 4: Christ's Church: His People Chosen Out of the World to Live Joyfully in It 

John 16:23-33

1/20/2019 Pastor David Cummings  The Child of God's Relation to the World III: Jesus Overcomes to Bring You Peace in the Troubles of this World 

John 16:4-22

1/13/2019 Pastor David Cummings  The Child of God's Relation to the World II: Jesus Has Sent the Spirit of Comfort for Your Sorrow 

John 15:17-16:5

1/6/2019 Pastor David Cummings  The Child of God's Relation to the World part 1: Why Does Jesus Tell You Ahead You'll be Hated by the World? 

Psalm 100

12/30/2018 Pastor Andy Wood  A Psalm for Giving Thanks 

Matthew 1:17-2:12

12/23/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Worship the Eternal God Where He Makes Himself Known 

Nehemiah 7:73-8:18

12/16/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Can the Joy of the Lord Be Your Strength? 

Nehemiah 4

12/2/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Build For the Lord By Handling Opposition God's Way 

Nehemiah 2:18-20; 3:1-12, 20, 32

11/25/2018 Pastor David Cummings  How Jesus Builds His Church 

Nehemiah 1:11-2:20

11/18/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Be the Person God will Support to Build Together with Him! 

Daniel 9:1-3, 20-27

11/4/2018 Pastor David Cummings  The Power of Prayer: God Answers Prayer Far Beyond What we could ever Ask or Think 

Daniel 9:1-19

10/28/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Follow the Pattern of Daniel's Prayer in Your Prayers 

Reformation Celebration Service-Titus 1:1-4

10/28/2018 Pastor David Cummings  It Makes a Big Difference for You that God Can't Lie! 

Daniel 6

10/21/2018 Pastor David Cummings  Satan's Plot Against Prayer 

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